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WWW Servers in Latvia

This is the place where in 1995 - 2003 used to be one of largest catalogues of Latvian web resources. At the second half of the nineties due to atypical codifying of information for catalogues, it was a lagrest catalogue by amount of linked Latvian non-virtual servers. Besides that insignificant information was not included here. Though in the course of time sense to sort resources by webservers decreased. Dependence of resource significence and seting / not seting on virtual server decreased, too. Virtual servers were included here only in that rarely cases, when they containded really valuable information. Of last years there was not enough time devoted to maintain this catalogue, while other main Latvian catalogues were accurately expanded. Admittedly they are mentioned strictly for the Latvian audience and no one of them have English versions.

Instead of the catalogue from now on there will be only links to other valuable catalogues as like as to Latvian search engines, and may be in future to the catalogues of specific fields, which are much better than accordant themes are presented on overall catalogues, like catalogues of music and school resources at LANET.

Reccomended Latvian web resource catalogues and search engines:

  • Google (we reccomend it as the best search engine; for the searching in .lv domain you should attach "site:lv" to your searches)
  • Delfi catalogue (we reccomend it as the best catalogue), Russian version, is included, too
  • TVNET/Latnet Web catalogue and search engine
  • APOLLO - catalogue and search engine
  • DEX, Latvian search engine

    Sometimes you can get good results using Yahoo! Directory Latvia and Google Directory - Latvia - the only good, but not large Latvian resource catalogues in English, as well as lesser or outdated search engines: and Search Latvian Web. Also it can be useful to search in ZL Hotline (117) and Siets databases.

    We reccomend to visit two versions of our catalogue:

  • The last one, updated at September, 2000 - for those, who are interested to get acquainted with Latvian resources, but don't understand Latvian, English version of catalogue can be still useful. Sorry for plenty of broken links in this page.
  • One of first versions, November 3rd, 1995 - it is included here for historical purposes. It gives you almost full survey of these not very distant ages, when Gopher system was gradually replaced by WWW. Links are leaved only for those resources, which are accessible through their Web addresses of 1995. It isn't hard to count up that only 25 addresses out of 70 are still accessible, and outside of only 13 of 57 addresses are accessible!!!

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