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You can search through more than 1000 WWW pages around the world with updated music charts.
Just enter name of artist and/or title to find out where it is charted.
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Name, 1 wordMadonnamadonnarank
Name, more than 1 wordStone Roses"stone roses"rank
Name with non-ASCII codesBjörkbjörk bjÖrk bjorkrank
Name of the artist AND song e.t.c.Live & Rattlesnakelive rattlesnakesentence
Hits of artist except well known hitsAQUA except Barbie, Aquarium and Jonesaqua -barbie -aquarium -jonessentence
Name with different spellingsNatalie Imbruglianatal* imbruglialine
Very common nameSavage BUT NOT Savage Garden AND NOT Chantay Savagesavage -garden -chantayline

1. There is all content of chart pages (comments e.t.c.) in the database for searching. So some unuseful information can be returned.
2. You can search for music labels presented at most of charts, too.
3. All Charts All Over the World chart link pages ( are included in database, too.
4. About 10% of all charts are not included in database due to lack of unique URL for page/frame with latest chart.
5. Some of chart pages (about 1-2% of all pages) are not included in latest datebase due to time-out in latest re-index of database.
6. Database is reindexed 3 times each week. So you can't find new chart entries of last 0-3 days at our database and can see entries leaved chart in last 0-3 days.
7. All ASCII characters are searched case-insensitive.
8. All non-ASCII characters are searched case-sensitive.
9. It is reccomended to use option Exact in the Word Forms field.
10. For more info press "Help".

For the maintainers of chart pages

1. Only pages with updated latest charts are indexed.
2. Page/frame with the actual chart must have unique file name (for example, URL "" is not valid for our database)
3. It will be very nice if you can use proper title for your chart page/frame (for example, "Dance Top 20 of Radio MyMyMy, Riga, Latvia" instead of "Top 20")
4. You can't find list of chart pages for our database here, but I can mail list of all YOUR pages in this database to you
5. All pages will be deleted from the database if corresponding charts will not be updated at last 2-3 months.
6. Our searcher visits your chart pages from host using agent Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; It will not follow the robots exclusion standard.

About including and linking of this service in your pages

1. Feel free to include link to Charts All Over the World page ( or HitSearch page ( in your WWW pages.
2. Don't include proper link to search engine or search form in your page

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