1.191(3)"Wannabe" (SPICE GIRLS)
2.151(6)"Se A Vida E" (PET SHOP BOYS)
3.211(3)"One Of Us" (Joan Osborne)
4.201(4)"Killing Me Softly" (FUGEES)
5.171(2)"Children" (Robert Miles)
6.201(3)"Lemon Tree" (FOOL'S GARDEN)
7.141(3)"How Deep Is Your Love" (TAKE THAT)
8.261(5) "Gangsta's Paradise" (Coolio & L.V.)
9.231(1) "You'll See" (Madonna)
10.173"Firestarter" (PRODIGY)
11.141(4)"Mission: Impossible" (Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen)
12.131(3)"Jesus To A Child" (George Michael)
13.131(2)"Hallo Spaceboy" (D. Bowie & PET SHOP BOYS)
14.131(2)"Captain Jack" (CAPTAIN JACK)
15.142"The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You" (Bryan Adams)
16.201(1) "Miss Sarajevo" (PASSENGERS)
17.91(3)(L)"Horizonts" (JAUNS MĒNESS)
18.161(1) "Missing" (EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL)
19.133"They Don't Care About Us" (Michael Jackson)
20.112"Wonderwall" (OASIS)
21.101(1)"Ironic" (Alanis Morissette)
22.82"Lovefool" (CARDIGANS)
23.122(L)"Sen jau viss" (100.DEBIJA)
24.82"Woman" (Neneh Cherry)
25.81(1)"Coco Jambo" (MR. PRESIDENT)
26.102"Fastlove" (George Michael)
27.104"Before" (PET SHOP BOYS)
28.111(2) "Macarena" (LOS DEL RIO)
29124"I Can't Help Myself" (KELLY FAMILY)
30.61(3)"Single" (PET SHOP BOYS)
31.94"Walking On The Milky Way" (OMD)
32.93"Away From Home" (Maarja-Liis & Ivo Linna)
33.105"Until It Sleeps" (METALLICA)
34.104"Fable" (Robert Miles)
35.119"Back In The UK" (SCOOTER)
36.94"Breathe" (Midge Ure)
37.162 "Thunder" (EAST 17)
38.155 "Goldeneye" (Tina Turner)
39.1210"Ready Or Not" (FUGEES)
40.85"Stupid Girl" (GARBAGE)
41.95"Lei Pero" (Eros Ramazzotti)
42.121(1) "Earthsong" (Michael Jackson)
43.73"Animal Army" (BABYLON ZOO)
44.95"How Bizarre" (OMC)
45.52"One+ One" (Robert Miles feat. Maria Nayler)
46.108"Forever Love" (Gary Barlow)
47.1011"Spaceman" (BABYLON ZOO)
48.94(L)"Zelta sirds" (LĪVI)
49.52"Only With You" (BLUE SYSTEM)
50.74"Rotterdam" (BEAUTIFUL SOUTH)
51.63"While The Earth Sleeps" (P.Gabriel & DEEP FOREST)
52.75"See You On The Other Side" (Ozzy Osbourne)
53.64"Say You'll Be There" (SPICE GIRLS)
55.83"Get Down" (BACKSTREET BOYS)
58.88"12 Reasons Why I Love Her" (MY LIFE STORY)
59.92"Gold" (T.A.F.K.A.P./Symbol)
60.54"Tic Tic Tac" (CARRAPICHO)
61.54"Becoming More Like Alfie" (DIVINE COMEDY)
62.57"Drill Instructor" (CAPTAIN JACK)
63.67(L)"Pēdējā pietura" (OPUS PRO)
64.67"Change The World" (Eric Clapton)
65.54"Virtual Insanity" (Jamiroquai)
66.67"Beyond The Invisible" (ENIGMA)
67.813"A Design For Live" (MANIC STREET PEACHERS)
68.78"Dance Into The Light" (Phil Collins)
69.610"You Don't Fool Me" (QUEEN)
70.56"Do U Still" (EAST 17)
71.79"In Too Deep" (Belinda Carlisle)
72.44"If You Ever" (EAST 17 feat. Gabrielle)
73.68(L)"Tu" (LINGA)
74.510"Piu Bella Cosa" (Eros Ramazzotti)
75.57"Rebel Yell" (SCOOTER)
76.53"Spinning The Wheel" (George Michael)
77.31(1)(L)"Tavas mājas manį azoté" (PRĀTA VĒTRA)
78.43"Breathe" (PRODIGY)
79.69"Araba" (Mustafa Sandal)
80.612"Beautiful Life" (ACE OF BASE)
81.49"Too Much" (DAVE MATTHEWS BAND)
82.57"Stranger In Moscow" (Michael Jackson)
83.48"Real Love" (THE BEATLES)
84.515(L)"Kā tev iet" (100.DEBIJA)
85.47"Sexy Eyes" (Whigfield)
86.513"Missing You" (Tina Turner)
87.411"Someday" (MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK)
88.47"Blue Jeans" (SQUEEZER)
89.47"Let's Make A Night To Remember" (Bryan Adams)
90.48"Confidental" (Tina Turner)
91.512"One Sweet Day" (Mariah Carey & BOYZ II MEN)
92.515"Walking Wounded" (EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL)
93.511"Don't Stop Movin'" (LIVIN' JOY)
94.47(L)"Lai iet pa gaisu" (Eva)
95.35"You Are Not Alone" (OLIVE)
96.410"She's Lady" (Tom Jones)
97.514(L)"Kas aizliegt var to" (100.DEBIJA)(2RE)
98.412"Where Do You Go" (NO MERCY)(1RE)
99.311"Wonderland" (MIKE FLOWERS POPS)
100.47"Un-break My Heart" (Toni Braxton)
101.84(L)"Straujā upe" (JAUNS MĒNESS)
102.311"Breakfast At Tiffanys" (DEEP BLUE SOMETHING)
103.412"No More Alcohol" (Suggs)
104.610"Whatever You Want" (Tina Turner)
105.413"Henry Lee" (Nick Cave & PJ Harvey)
106.312"So In Love With You" (DUKE)
107.24"Don't Speak" (NO DOUBT)
108.310"Town Without Pitty" (Eddy Reader)
109.311"Born In Africa" (Dr.Alban)
110.312"The Boy From Ipanema" (CRYSTAL WATERS)
111.315"American Love" (Sway)
112.38"Cosmic Girl" (Jamirquai)
113.39"Step By Step" (Whitney Houston)
114.57(L)"(Es) Brunete" (ELDORADO)
115.39"Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" (Joe Cocker)
116.313"Live & Learn" (BIG BLUE)
116.315"Summer Is Crazy" (ALEXIA)
117.415"I Love You Always Forever" (Donna Lewis)
118.316"The Flame" (FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS)
119.310(L)"Kazino" (ELDORADO)
120.29"Guns'N'Arrows" (Midge Ure)
121.314"Waiting For Tonight" (Tom Petty)
122.311"No Woman, No Cry" (FUGEES)
123.319"Too Much Love Will Kill You" (QUEEN
124.318"1979" (SMASHING PUMPKINS)
125.211"Don't Look Back In Anger" (OASIS)
126.112"Strange World" (Ke')
127.214"You & I" (SCORPIONS)
128.216"Darling Pretty" (Mark Knopfler)
129.210"Milk" (Garbage)
130.312"I Wish" (SKEE-LO)
131.210"Someone To Love" (EAST 17)
132.210"The Boy With X-Rays Eyes" (BABYLON ZOO)
133.317(L)"Shake Before Use" (EXPATRIOTS)(2RE)
134.213"Let Your Soul Be A Pilot" (Sting)
135.94(L)"Lidmašīnas" (PRĀTA VĒTRA)
136.214"He Like To Feel It" (CRASH TEST DUMMIES)
137.214(L)"Vai tā bus?" (FRAGMENTS+)
138.215"Good Enough" (DODGY)
139.215(L)"Prieks" (Dina)
140.214(L)"Papa Carlo" (ELDORADO)
142.213"Can't Take My Hands" (SOULTANS)
143.216"Spaceman" (NICE'N'HEAVY EXPERIENCE)
144.217"California Love" (2PAC & Dr.Dre)
145.219"Trash" (SUEDE)
146.58"Big River" (Jimmy Nail)
147.29"Don't Marry Her" (BEAUTIFUL SOUTH)
148.219"No Fronts" (DOG EAT DOGS)
149.43"Where The Wild Roses Grow" (Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue)
150.212"Oh Father" (Madonna)
151.214"I Believe" (Robson & Jerome)
152.711"Heven For Everyone" (QUEEN)
153.213"Child Star" (Marc Almond)
154.213"Captain Of Her Heart" (Kurt Maloo)
155.214(L)"Krodziņš" (LOS AMIGOS)
156.215(L)"Atkal mājās" (Laima Vaikule)
157.217"Me & My Baretta" (ANGEL CORPUS CRISTI)
158.62"Free As A Bird" (THE BEATLES)
159.211"Quit Playing Games" (BACKSTREET BOYS)
160.110"Celilia" (Suggs)
161.216"Everybody Jam" (Scatman John)
162.113"Why" (3T)
163.116"Tishbite" (COCTEAU TWINS)
164.114(L)"Day By Day" (100.DEBIJA)
165.115"Remember The First Time" (SIMPLY RED)
166.116"Give Myself To Love" (Francisko Rossi)
167.117"X- Files" (DJ Bobo)
168.119(L)"Veronika" (PRĀTA VĒTRA)
169.110"Love Is A Power" (Michael Bolton)
170.114"I Believe" (BOTH AND THE ANGEL)
171.115"Angel Mine" (COWBOY JUNKIES)
172.117(L)"Mūzika" (5.ŠLAKA)
173.55"Carnival" (THE CARDIGANS)
174.116(L)"Man gribas kliegt" (FRAGMENTS+)
175.75"You Don't Understand Me" (ROXETTE)(1RE)
176.37"Somebody's Else's Body" (URGE OVERKILL)
177.81(2)"Lucky Love" (ACE OF BASE)(1RE)
178.113"Mama Said" (METALLICA)
179.113"Saturday Night At Movies" (Robson & Jerome)
180.114"Live Forever" (Midge Ure)
181.114"You Must Love Me" (Madonna)
182.115"Snow Feel" (RAHOWA)
183.117"When You're Gone" (CRANBERRIES)
184.117"The Wake Up Bomb" (R.E.M.)
185.118"Tell Him" (QUENTIN + ASH)
186.119"The Universal" (BLUR)
187.119"So Pure" (Baby D)
188.119"Ready To Go" (REPUBLICA)
189.119"Forever In Love" (SOLINA)
190.120"Something Changes" (PULP)
191.120"Mint Car" (CURE)
192.120(L)"Nu tad ej" (WKINDS)
193.120"She Just Killing Me" (ZZ TOP)
194.120"I'm Raving" (SCOOTER)
195.120"Nothing Like Via" (HIP HOP ALLIANCE)
196.611"Only Wanna Be With You" (HOOTIE & BLOWFISH)
197.112"No Diggity" (BLACKSTREET & Dr.Dre)
198.113"I Don't Wanna Be A Star" (CORONA)
199.114"Explain To My Heart" (Louisse Hoffsten)
200.115"World Of Good" (THE SAW DOCTORS)
201.118"Eyes Of Blue" (Paul Carrack)
202.118"Enywhere Is" (ENYA)(1RE)
203.119"What's Up With That" (ZZ TOP)
204.119"Hero Of A Day" (METALLICA)
205.120"Forget About The World" (Gabriella)
206.103"You Are Not Alone" (Michael Jackson)(2RE)
207.513"Now That I Own The BBC" (SPARKS)(2RE)
208.410"Rainbow Child" (HERBIE)
209.214"Something Stupid" (Ali & Kibibi Campbell)
210.214"Lie To Me" (BON JOVI)
211.114"Child" (Mark Owen)
212.118"Just The One" (LEVELLERS)
213.119(L)"Zvaigznīte" ("FIŅKA")
214.119"Stay With Me" (HUMAN LEAGUE)
215.120(L)"Noslēpums" (100.DEBIJA)
216.120"U Sole Mio" (Bryan Adams & Luciano Pavarotti)
217.117"It's Christmas" (MODERN TALKING)
(1)vieta kopējā sarakstā (1)place in the year chart,
(2)nedēļu skaits, kādā attiecīgā dziesma pabija "Visatzītāko.. " saraksta iknedēļas TOP 20 (2)weeks in weekly Top 20's,
(3)visaugstākā pozīcija (iekavās - nedēļu skaits Nr.1 pozīcijā) (3)top position (weeks at #1),
(L) - pašmāju komponistu un izpildītāju skaņdarbs (L) - Latvian artist song.

Visi 1996. gada Nr.1 skaņdarbi
All #1 Songs of 1996

******************************"Miss Sarajevo" (PASSENGERS)"Earthsong" (Michael Jackson)"Missing" (EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL)"You'll See" (Madonna)"Gangsta's Paradise" (Coolio & L.V.)"Jesus To A Child" (George Michael)"----------------""-------------""----------------""-------------""Captain Jack" (CAPTAIN JACK)"----------------""-------------""Children" (Robert Miles)"One Of Us" (Joan Osborne)"Hallo Spaceboy" (David Bowie & PET SHOP BOYS)"----------------""-------------""How Deep Is Your Love" (TAKE THAT)"----------------""-------------""----------------""-------------""One Of Us" (Joan Osborne)"----------------""-------------""Children(Robert Miles)"Lemon Tree" (FOOL'S GARDEN)"----------------""-------------""----------------""-------------""Ironic" (Alanis Morissette)"Wrong" (EverytHING BUT THE GIRL)"Macarena" (LOS DEL RIO)"----------------""-------------""Mission: Impossible" (Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen)"----------------""-------------""----------------""-------------""Coco Jambo" (MR.PRESIDENT)"Mission: Impossible" (Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen)"Killing Me Softly" (FUGEES)"----------------""-------------""----------------""-------------""----------------""-------------""Wannabe" (SPICE GIRLS)"----------------""-------------""----------------""-------------""Se A Vida E" (PET SHOP BOYS)"----------------""-------------""----------------""-------------""----------------""-------------""----------------""-------------""----------------""-------------""Horizonts" (JAUNS MĒNESS)"----------------""-------------""----------------""-------------""Single" (PET SHOP BOYS)"----------------""-------------""----------------""-------------""Tavas mājas manā azotē" (PRĀTA VĒTRA)
APZĪMĒJUMI: saraksta iknedēļas numurs / datums / dziesmas (izpildītāja) nosaukums
DESIGNATIONS: # of Chart / Date / "Song" (Artist/BAND)

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