NIT '95:


November 25, 1995, Saturday

9:00 - 10:10

Distance education and the role of the library,
	Dr. Helena Rodrigues, Johnson & Wales University,
	Providence, RI, USA

Information literacy and informatization of Russian secondary education,
	Ms. Ludmila Serykh, Department of Education, Leninsky
	District, Samara, Russia

Academic networking: Riga Technical University outlook,
	Mr. Imants Pujats, Mr. Jans Slihte & Ms. Aija Aanbicka,
	Riga Technical University, Latvia

10:15 - 10:45	DISCUSSIONS

Suggested topics
  • End-users and intermediary aspects
  • What are the populations that need to be served?
  • What are they needs?

  • Readiness to receive/use information via use of new technologies
  • How ready are various populations to use the technologies?
  • How available are the technologies to them?

  • Personal Barriers & the means to resolve them
  • Are literacy and language barriers to use of technologies? And how?
  • Are cultural differences barriers to communication?
  • Is there an ability to use information or is there a need for guidance?
  • How can we educate & train various population in use of technology?

  • Technical Barriers
  • Are the lack or mis-use of standards a barrier?
  • Is the complexity of hardware, software, or operations a barrier?
  • Are there legal barriers?
  • Are there barriers to cooperation?
  • Is cost a barrier?
  • Is time a barrier (e.g., time for delivery of materials)?
  • Is there a need for directories to assist access to materials?

  • The Uses of Information
  • What are the uses that will gain most from the information technologies?

  • Distance Education
  • What role can the information technologies play in general education?

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    Andris Vilks:
    10:45 - 11:00	Coffee Break
    11:00 - 12:30
    Development of Latvian Information Infrastructure and tasks for
    	Latvia Academic Library Prof. Dr. Edwin Karnitis, Latvian
    	Academic Library, Latvia
    The present state of using information technologies in the scientific 
    	library of Riga Technical University
    	Mr. Juris Pavlovskis, Riga Technical University, Latvia
    Library automation in Lithuanian academic libraries.
    	The use of Internet and WWW in Lithuanian libraries now and
    	in the future outlook
    	 Ms. Vida Maceviciene & Sigitas Tolusis,
    	Vilnius Technical University, Vilnius, Lithuania
    12:30 - 13:30	DISCUSSIONS
    Suggested topics
  • Roles of National Libraries & University Libraries
  • How can the major national & academic libraries participate?

  • The role and functions of libraries in the electronic culture
  • Can they serves as agencies in policy development?
  • Can they serve as managers of part of the local network?
  • Should they continue to serve as collections and preservers of contenet?
  • How can they provide the means for serving those at risk?

  • Librarians as intermediaries, navigators, client servers, educators
  • How can librarians best prepare for these roles?

  • Integrated library and information systems & services
  • What is the status of Micro-based applications in libraries?
  • What is the status of Micro-based applications in information centers?
  • Are there networks among libraries for sharing of resources and services?

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    Andris Vilks:
    13:45 - 14:30	SUMMARY SESSION
    Ching-chih Chen, Robert M. Hayes, Andris Vilks and participants.

    Good-bye and see you all next year at NIT '96 in Pretoria, South Africa Keep in touch: Dr. Ching-chih Chen Professor & Association Dean Graduate School of Library and Information Science 300 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02115, USA

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