What's New In This Server - 1996

28.12 - 29.12

New links to the Latvian FTP servers:
  • M.Shafro & Co
  • OPEN

    24.12 - 27.12

    New links to the Latvian WWW servers:
  • Ogres 2nd Secondary School, it includes I*EARN Latvija
  • Stockholm School of Economics in Riga
  • Valmiera
  • Auto Riga - Audi
  • Mikrotikls
  • Telegroup
  • Telegroup, Inc.
  • Port of Liepaja
  • Datorikas Instituts
  • Radio Latvia
  • Latvian Social Science Data Archive
  • VAR
  • Laboratory for Mathematical Modelling of Environmental and Technological Processes
  • Riga Pupils' Castle (Rigas Skolenu Pils)
  • Riga Technical college
  • OPEN / Gate
  • Maritime Administration of Latvia
  • GRADE Modeler
  • "Latvian in international network"
  • Latvian Culture
  • AM Datori SIA
  • Central Commission for the Privatization of Dwelling Houses
  • SWH IS CC UNIX group
  • W3 Design
  • Aldaris
  • FreeBSD Inc.
  • Phare Fight Against Drugs Programme Co-ordination Unit
  • Juris' WEB page
  • Karlis Homepage


    Directory of Higher Education Institutions in the Baltics (very comprehensive information about 55 Higher Education Institutions in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) is updated


    Coalition Clean Baltic page is created!


    New link to LATNET WebHotel


    Now our WWW and FTP server is searchable. Look at our Search page!


    Now we have "Kiegelis" - the first Latvian musical electronical newspaper

    21.10 - 20.11

    New links to the Latvia related WWW resources:
  • Aizkraukles Bank WWW server
  • A/S Komercbanka "Viktorija" WWW server
  • Latvian Association of Gaming Business WWW server
  • Library of University of Latvia WWW server
  • Nordic Council of Ministers Information office in Riga WWW server
  • Baltic News Service Latvia (BNS) WWW server
  • Network Information Center for Latvia WWW server
  • Newspaper "Latvijas Vestnesis" WWW server
  • Polla, SIA WWW server
  • Multibanka WWW server
  • Banka LAND WWW pages
  • Russian Public Information Center in Latvia WWW pages
  • Egils Grikis home page
  • Armands Shtrauss home page


    Now we have archives of Dallas Stars newsgroup


    Latvia Related Internet Resources page is rewrited - now it's available in latvian, too. List of Latvian Personal Home Pages added (in English and in Latvian)

    4.10 - 7.10

    New links to the Latvia related resources:
  • TIG-RIGA, Ltd. WWW server
  • GRACO WWW server
  • AG's Homepage
  • EuroFaculty WWW server
  • Mara-S WWW server
  • Latvian BBS List
  • Information about Stockholm School of Economics in Riga
  • ervinz ftp server
  • SIA GRACO FTP server

    24.09 - 30.09

    New links to the Latvia related resources:
  • Konts Ltd. WWW server
  • Latvian Telecommunication State Inspection WWW server
  • COMMERCE.LV WWW server
  • R1G WWW server
  • Valsts ienemumu dienests WWW server
  • IRIC (Information Center of Population Register) WWW server
  • FAST.S Online WWW server
  • East-European Forest Information Network WWW server
  • DT Media Group WWW server
  • Riga Commerce School WWW server
  • Map of Riga
  • Radio MIX FM 102.7 WWW pages
  • Information about the Postage Stamps of Latvia
  • LNT (Latvian Independent Television) WWW pages
  • Latvian Association of the Deaf WWW pages
  • Magazine "Princese" WWW pages
  • MiiPS home page
  • Newspaper "Katolu Baznicas Vestnesis" (Catholic Church Messenger) WWW pages
  • Gay Latvia WWW pages
  • Information about Riga Weather
  • BKC FTP server
  • PARKS FTP server
  • NeoNet FTP server
  • Liepaja Pedagogical University FTP server
  • Latvian Council of Sciences GOPHER pages


    New link to Zaļās Lapas On-Line - top quality data base of all Latvian enterprises

    6.09 - 13.09

    New links to:

    30.08 - 4.09

    New information about the University of Latvia


    New links to the Latvia related resources:
  • Faculty of Biology, University of Latvia
  • CoolNet
  • ANDI Ltd.
  • Centre for Environmental Science and Management Studies (CESAMS), University of Latvia


    New link to SWH IS Komerccentrs

    8.08 - 9.08

    New links to:
  • City.Net
  • FTP Sites
  • WebExplorer

    1.08 - 6.08

    New links to the Latvia related resources:
  • International Constitutional Law - Latvia
  • Stockholm School of Economics in Riga
  • Latvian Fonts
  • Latest News in Latvia, Europe and World
  • IT ALISE WWW server
  • LORIS - Ports of Latvia, complete information/reference system
  • Peter Upmanis' home page


    New links to WWW and other info servers in LATVIA:
  • Riga Technical University - 2
  • Latvian Academy of Sciences
  • Rietumu Banka
  • DSW Ltd
  • SKS Riga
  • PRO LINE Ltd.
  • PRO LINE Ltd. (ftp)
  • University of Rezekne (ftp)
  • Bank Communications Centre (proxy)


    List of all higher education institutions in Latvia on WWW is created


    New links to the WWW servers in LATVIA:
  • Riga Aviation University
  • Performing Arts Information Center, the Soros Foundation - Latvia
  • M.Shafro & Co.
  • A/S "Saules Banka"
  • BIS
  • Medical complex "Gailezers"
  • Riga Business School
  • Uznemumu Registrs
  • BC&CS TM
  • University of Rezekne
  • Department of Modelling and Simulation, Information Technology Institute
  • Paritate Bank


    New link to the Riga Stock Exchange


    Business page with links to: is created!

    3.07 - 12.07

    New links to the


    New links to Latvia related resources:
  • Universitates Avize
  • World Championship, Poole B, Ice Hockey, Eindhoven, April 1996
  • Zhurnaljis "Konektikutas Tautietis"
  • Akmar Agency
  • Jurmala-ONLINE
  • Latvian Environment Data Centre
  • Frame Inform Systems
  • OptiCom
  • Open World


    New links to Latvia related resources:
  • AIESEC (International Association of Students in Economics and Management) Latvia
  • Latvian Addressbook
  • VERnet Information Service (in russian)
  • Capital Inc.
  • Hugo B. Atoms's Home Page
  • 10. Vispasaules latviesu jaunatnes kongress
  • VERnet ftp server


    New link to Saeima (Parliament) of the Republic of Latvia ftp server


  • Very comprehensive information about the Faculty of Geographical and Earth Sciences added.

    28.02 - 2.03


  • Now we have TORNIS rec. home page!


  • Now we have home page of the Institute of Microbiology and Virology


  • Information about the Union Of Students' Fellowships of Latvia added to our server
  • new link to Academic Unity AUSTRUMS WWW pages


    New searchers added to the CUSI Internet Search Engine:
  • Alta Vista (largest searching robot on the Web)
  • Muscat WebExplorer


    New links to
  • Newspaper "Likuma varda"
  • Employees home pages of Information Center of Ministry of Interior Affairs


    New links to
  • ORMIX WWW server
  • ORMIX ftp server

    22.01 - 24.01

    New links to the following Latvian resources:
  • Castle's homepage.
  • Vita Bush homepage
  • SIS Application Development Department


    LANET FTP archives (including daily mirrors of Garbo PC and Windows archives, x2ftp programming archives and GNU software, weekly mirrors of RFC's and slackware-3.0) are temporary available only via WWW


    New link to Silikons, Ltd. WWW server


    Collection of Latvia Related News on WWW is created

    Whats New '95

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