CUSI-R: Customizable Unified Search Index via Radio Buttons

See also W4 multi-WAIS.

Enter search term(s): and press the ``radio button'' in front of a particular search service under the categories below.
Then search. (See bottom for more info.) (.)

Available Search Services by Category

Most (but not all) of the search services above accept multiple (space-separated) whole-word search terms without regard to order or case. You can follow the link to a particular service to find out more about it. The default search service is here. To avoid losing what you've entered upon coming back to this page, try increasing the number of documents cached by your browser.

There is a multi-popup-menu CUSI originally by Martijn Koster at Nexor, who developed CUSI and SUSI. See also Univ. of Twente's SUSI, as well as non-USI multi-search pages such as CUI's W3 Search Engine W3 Search Engines.

CUSI-R (radio-button front-end) was adapted by David Rosen at Univ. of Nevada CBMR, from Martijn's SUSI II page and some other sources, and invokes the script on the Nexor server. Copy this html page to your local machine in order to customize it and for faster access; but for really fast access install on your server.

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