The Simtel.Net MS-DOS Collection

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- 0 -
00_infoSimtel.Net MS-DOS documentation, indexes
00_startEssential info and utilities for beginners
- 4 -
4dos4DOS shell - replacement for COMMAND.COM
- A -
adaAda programming language
aiArtificial Intelligence programs
animateAnimation programs
aplThe APL mathematics programming language
arcersArchiving and compressing programs
arcutilsUtilities for using archives
asm_magThe Assembly Language 'magazine'
asmutlAssembly language utilities
astronmyAstronomical programs
autocadPrograms for Auto-CAD
- B -
basicBASIC programming language
batchutlBatch utilities
bbsBBS systems and support programs
bbsdoorsBBS 'door' interfaces
bbslistsBBS lists
bibleBible and searching tools
binaryedBinary file editors
biologyBiology programs
bootutilControlling the booting process
borlandBorland product support
businessBusiness-related Programs
- C -
cC programming language
cadComputer Aided Design
calculteCalculators for math, finance, etc.
catalogDisk catalog utilities
cdromCD-ROM utilities
chemstryChemistry programs
clipperClipper programming language
clocksComputer time utilities
commprogTerminal and file transfer programs
compressCompression utilities
cplusplsC++ programming language
- D -
databaseDatabases and programs to create them
dayoDAYO business and accounting software
decodeEncode/decode binary files to/from text
deskacesHandy Desk-Top utilities and programs
deskpubDesktop publishing
desqviewDESQview utilities and programs
dirutlDirectory utilities
disasmDisassemblers: Convert executables to ASM
diskutilDisk utilities
dv_xPrograms and utilities for DESQview-X
- E -
editorText editors
educatePrograms for education
eelEpsilon editor EEL extensions
electrclElectrical engineering programs
enginEngineering Programs
envutilManipulating environment variables
execompCompress EXE and COM files to save disk space
- F -
fileutilFile management and conversion utils
financeFinancial software
flowchrtFlowchart Generators
foodsFood recipes
formsForm Generators and Forms Entry Programs
forthForth programming language
fortranFORTRAN programming language
fossilFOSSIL drivers and utilities
freemacsEmacs-like editor (small)
- G -
genealgyGenealogy programs
geogrphyGeography programs
geologyGeology programs
gifPrograms to make/view/print/convert GIF files
graphGraphing programs
graphicsGraphics programs
- H -
hamradioHam Radio programs and information
handicapPrograms for the handicapped
healthHealth, Fitness, and Medical
htmlHTML Tools
hypertxtHyper-Text files and programs
- I -
imailIMAIL FidoNet echomail processor
infoInformation and documentation files
installProgram installation utilities
internetPrograms and utils for use on the Internet
io_utilsI/O Utilities
iritPolygonal solid modeler & C++ source
- K -
keyboardKeyboard utilities
- L -
lanPrograms for use on Local Area Networks
langtutrTutorials on foreign languages
laserLaser printer utilities and fonts
legalLaw-related programs
literatrTeach/learn literature
- M -
mailnewsE-mail and Usenet News programs
mappingMap programs
mathMathematics programs
mcintoshConvert Macintosh files to DOS format
memutilComputer memory info and management utils
menuCreating and using menus
microsftMicrosoft product support
misclangMisc. program languages
mmediaMultimedia Programs
mormonThe Book of Mormon
mouseUtilities for the mouse
musicPrograms for writing and playing music
muslumThe Holy Book of Muslum
- N -
naplpsNAPLPS drawing program
ncsatlntNCSA Telnet TCP/IP package
nettamerNet-Tamer DOS PPP dial up access program
networkUtilities for computer networks
neurlnetNeural Networks
nfsNetwork File System utilities
notabeneNotabene word processor utils
novellNovell LAN utilities
- P -
packetPrograms for Packet Radio
pascalPascal programming language
pcboardPC Board BBS software
pcmag'PC Magazine' listings and utilities
pctech'PC Tech Journal' listings and utilities
perlPerl programming language
pgmtipsProgramming Tips & Tricks Magazine
pgmutlProgramming utilities
pktdrvrTCP/IP/IPX/ODI packet drivers
plotPrograms for plotters
postscrpPostScript view/print utilities
printerPrinter utilities
progjornProgrammers Journal
projmgmtProject Management programs
- Q -
qbasicQuick BASIC and QBasic programming language
qmodemQmodem comm program & utilities
qtrdeckQuarterdeck utilities and technical notes
- R -
ramdiskMemory resident disks
rbbsRBBS-PC BBS and support utilities
recreatnRecreation and passtime-related programs
- S -
sateliteCommunication satellite programs and listings
scheduleSchedule automatic program runs (like cron)
scienceMiscellaneous science related material
screenVideo screen utilities
securityImprove computer security
semwareSemWare editors, utilities and support files
simulatnSimulation programs
soundComputer sound programs
sportsSports programs
spredshtSpreadsheet programs
statstcsStatistics programs
surfmodlSurface modeling programs
swapFree working memory by swaping to high mem
sysinfoComputer system information display programs
sysutlSystem utilities
- T -
tcpipTCP/IP programs (ka9q, etc.)
teachingPrograms to assist teachers
telegardTelegard BBS program & utilities
telixTelix communications program
termnateTerminate Terminal/Communications program
texTeX type setting program
tiffTIFF graphics format programs and information
torahTorah-related programs
travelTravel planning and information
tsrutilTerminate and stay resident utilities
turbo_cBorland Turbo C programming language
turbobasBorland's Turbo Basic programming language
turbopasBorland Turbo Pascal programming language
turbovisTurbo Vision programming language
txtutlText utilities
- U -
ubasicUBASIC: Ultra high-precision BASIC for math
uemacsMicroEmacs text editor
uucpUnix to Unix Copy for MS-DOS
- V -
vgaVGA monitor utilities
virusVirus detection and removal programs
visbasicVisual Basic programming language
visciiVietnamese character programs
- W -
waffleWaffle bulletin board system
weatherWeather forecasting
wordperfWordPerfect word processing
worldmapA digitized map of the world
- X -
x_10X-10 Powerhouse computer programs
xwindowsX Windows Server and Support Programs
- Z -
zmodemZmodem file transfer protocol

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