The Simtel.Net Windows 3.x Collection

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- 0 -
00_infoSimtel.Net Win3 collection docs and indexes
- B -
bibleBible-Related and Religious Programs
businessBusiness-related Programs
- C -
cadComputer-Aided Design Programs
chemChemistry Programs
clocksClocks and Time-related Utilities
compnoteCompuNotes E-zine
compressFile Compression Utilities
- D -
databaseDatabase Programs
delphiDelphi-Related Files
deskenhDesktop Enhancements and Replacements
desktopPrograms for the Win3 Desktop
diskutlDisk Utilities
dllDynamic Link Libraries for Windows
- E -
editorEditors/Word Processors
eduEducational Programs and Utilities
emailE-mail Programs and Utilities
encodeEncoding / Decoding Programs
- F -
faxFax Programs
fileutlFile Utilities
financeFinance Programs
fontFonts and Font Utilities
foodPrograms about Food
formsForm Generators and Forms Entry Programs
fortuneFortune telling - Astrology, Biorhythms, etc.
- G -
genealgyGenealogy Programs
gisGeographic Information Systems
graphicsGraphics Programs and Utilities
- H -
hamHam Radio Programs
healthHealth, Fitness, and Medical
homeentHome and Home Entertainment
htmlHTML Tools
- I -
iconIcon Editors and Managers
imagingDocument Imaging Programs
inetPrograms for Using the Internet
infoGeneral Information
installInstallation/Uninstall Programs
- L -
langLanguage-Related Programs
- M -
mathMath-related Programs
mmediaMultimedia Programs
musicMusic Programs
- N -
networkNetwork Utilities
neuralNeural Network Programs
newsUsenet News Programs
novellNovell Netware Utilities
- P -
pimPersonal Information Managers
printPrinter and Printing-related Utilities
progProgramming Utilities
projProject Management Programs
- R -
religionReligion Programs
- S -
schedScheduling Programs
scienceScience-related Programs
scrsaveScreen Savers and Wallpaper
securitySecurity Programs
soundSound and Audio Programs
sportsSports Programs
ssheetSpreadsheet Utilities
- T -
telecommTelecommunications Programs and Utilities
torahTorah-Related Programs
txtutlText Utilities
- U -
utilMiscellaneous Utilities
- V -
virusVirus Checking / Removing Programs
visbasicVisual Basic Programming Language
- W -
webbrowsWeb Page / Browser Utilities
winhelpPrograms for Working with Windows Help
winsockWinsock Programs
winwordUtilities for Word for Windows
wpwinUtilities for Word Perfect for Windows
- X -
x10X10 Control Programs

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