The Further Adventures of Pooh Bear

In which Christopher Robin grows up and Pooh has a close call

It was a lovely bright morning and Pooh was stamping through the forest, although it wasn't really a stamping sort of day, but Pooh was stamping in the hope that he'd kill some of Rabbits smaller friends and relations (especially that Alexander Beetle - the smarmy little twit). Anyway,as he stamped along he sang a little song.
"I'm an axe wielding homicidal maniac on the escape from the asylum. If I find that bloody beetle I'll hack his legs off."
It wasn't a very good song, but then Pooh Bear was a bit of a thick bastard, come to think of it he was a fat bastard too, and at the moment he felt it was time for a little something. So Pooh sat down in a clearing and got his 5kg catering pack of honey out of his shopping bag.
Some time later he licked the last of the honey off his paws, Pooh began to feel a little ill.
"Huyablurr!!" he said in an 'I'm puking up' sort of way, and was violently sick - all over Piglet who had just arrived. Pooh looked down at the mess with Piglet standing rather forlornly in the middle.
"Funny," said Pooh, "I don't remember eating that."
"It's me." squeaked Piglet in that rather annoying, whining voice of his.
"Really?" said Pooh, "Is that you Piglet?" he asked. "Little Piglet?" he said.
"Yes." said Piglet.
Pooh picked Piglet out of the vomit.
"Right then, you little bugger, you still owe me ten quid, so you'd better go and get it now."
Having said this, Pooh drop kicked Piglet over a nearby bush. Feeling much better now, Pooh decided to call on Rabbit, who hadn't been feeling too well recently. When he got to Rabbits house, he poked his head in and called,
"Rabbit! Are you in there you fat, furry git?"
Piss of!" said Rabbit.
Pleasantries over with, Pooh tried to climb into Rabbit's hole.
"Oh bother!" he said. "Oh shit and bother!" he said. "Rabbit - I'm bloody well stuck."
"Don't worry" said Rabbit, reaching for his chainsaw, "I'll soon have you out of there."
But suddenly Rabbit staggered, dropped the chainsaw, and fell quite dead of myximotosis.

Meanwhile, in a different part of the forest, Kanga and Roo had been having a violent argument about Roo's father. Roo, in a fit of rage , ran crying out of the house, and was promptly hit by a number nine bus.
Flying high in the sky above, Owl spotted this and swooped down to tell someone. Unfortunately for him, being short sighted, he didn't see the electricity pylon until it was too late.
"Splat fizzle pop." said Owl.
Down in the boggy bit of the forest, something stirred. "Go away, you bouncy bastard!" screamed Eeyore from his machine gun nest in the thistles, as Trigger bounced towards him.
Hello Eeyore." said Trigger.
"Just piss off!" said Eeyore, "If you come one step closer I'll bloody well nuke you."
"BOUNCE" said Trigger, landing on a curiously shaped red button.
"Oh shit!" said Eeyore, as the whole forest was instantly vaporised.
Meanwhile, Christopher Robin had just passed his chartered accountancy exams - what a boring bastard.