You've heard the tale of Robin Hood
And how he did poor people good
But there's more to this famous story
Of Sherwoods pride and glory
At night when all the robbings done
The merry men would have some fun
Infact, it would be fare to say
The merry men were rather gay
As Little John starts to unwind
Robin takes him from behind
And as they frolic in the grass
Robin rams it up his ass
One night when they were at play
A sweet young maiden came their way
She saunted up to Friar Tuck
Saying "I'm Maid Marion, want a f**k?"
The Friar can't believe his ears
She's offering sex to a bunch of queers
While he's recovering from his shock
Robin presents her with his cock
Marions clothes came off in a flash
As the men all have their bash
Marion gives a sigh of bliss
As they fill every orafice
And when they've done she gave a whine
Said thanks boys for a lovely time
But for your pleasure you must pay
I've got the pox, have a nice day
Now listern here said Friar Tuck
We don't really give a f**k
The laughs on you, you silly cow
We've all got AIDS
So whose f**ked now?