Ritenitis embleme


The group was first formed in 1947, having its home in the Riga regions arts hall. The first director was Arvids Kaulins. Since 1963 the group has adopted the name of an old ethnographic dance - Ritenitis.
The artistic directors: Ilze Mazane, Ojars Grasis
Musical director: ***
Concert master: Juris Cintins

At the moment there are some 25 dancers and 4 musicians in the group. The average age is 22. The biggest part of dancers are students of physics and mathematics. The group has wide repertoire of folk dances and rounds from different Latvian region as well as many specially choreographed stage dances. The group dances in many folk costumes representing many different regions of Latvia.

The group has participated in all major Latvian dance festivals in Riga as well as performing in Russia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Finland, Portugal and Germany.

Here is a list of dancers.

Address: Ritenitis
Kultursabiedriba "Sencu Sils"
Brivibas st. 455

If you wont contact somebody from "Ritenitis" or if you are interesting in all ensemble you can e-mail to judrups@lanet.lv

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