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    Cities, towns and villages in Latvia sorted by districts

    Aizkraukle - Aluksne - Balvi - Bauska - Cesis - Daugavpils - Dobele - Gulbene - Jekabpils - Jelgava - Kraslava - Kuldiga - Liepaja - Limbazi - Ludza - Madona - Ogre - Preili - Rezekne - Riga - Saldus - Talsi - Tukums - Valka - Valmiera - Ventspils - Other pages on various cities, towns and villages in Latvia

    Aizkraukle district

    Aluksne district

    Balvi district

    Bauska district

    Cesis district

    Daugavpils district

    Dobele district

    Gulbene district

    Jekabpils district

    Jelgava district

    Kraslava district

    Kuldiga district

    Liepaja district

    Limbazi district

    Ludza district

    Madona district

    Ogre district

    Preili district

    Rezekne district

    Riga district

    Saldus district

    Talsi district

    Tukums district

    Valka district

    Valmiera district

    Ventspils district

    Other pages on various cities, towns and villages in Latvia:

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