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Secondary (High) Schools, Gymnasiums, Primary Schools in Riga
Secondary (High) Schools, Gymnasiums, Primary Schools in Riga District
Secondary (High) Schools, Gymnasiums, Primary Schools outside of Riga District
Vocational Secondary Educational Institutions
Basic Vocational Educational Institutions
Vocational Educational Institutions
Special Educational Institutions
Evening Secondary Schools
Introductory Vocational Training Institutions
Children and Youth Interests Educational Institutions
Adult Educational Institutions
Adult (mainly) Education
Specialized Lists of Home Pages of Schools and School Outlines, Address etc. Catalogues
Regional Lists of Home Pages of Schools and School Outlines
Other Lists of Latvian Educaton and School WWW Resources
For kids and parents
Pre-school Educational Institutions
Pre-school Educational Institution Lists
Educational Boards
Regional Information
Children problems, children's homes, children's villages
Institutions and Organizations for Children
Services for Children
Institutions, Organizations, Projects, Centres, Funds, Exhibitions
Activities of pupil groups
Education Abroad
Latvians Abroad
Medical Services
Educational Infornation
Various Knowledges
Schools Around the World
Higher Education
Educational institutions (in chapter "Adult Educational Institutions" and above) are classified by the registry of educational institutions. Only institutions from the registry are included in these chapters.
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