What's New In This Server - 2000


New links to the Latvian WWW servers:

  • Pricelist
  • Balticom Computers
  • Internet Cafés and Clubs in Latvia
  • Advanced Business and System Modeling Tools - Grade Tools
  • Travel Info
  • Hewlett Packard store
  • Arkolat, wholesale of household appliances
  • Armands Page
  • Asmers, car spare parts
  • ASS4, cars
  • AS Sistemas, system programming
  • Auto Ile & Herbst, Volkswagen representative in Vidzeme
  • E-taka, SIA, car selling database
  • SOS, services to motorists and motorclub
  • Blumbergi Ltd, face-work stuff
  • Civil Aviation Administration, Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Latvia
  • Carlo page
  • Information Guide of Riga
  • Corruption
  • Digits, computers
  • Dziesma manai paaudzei, show
  • Attention! Harvest-bugs
  • Energy & Public, magazine
  • Eskalators Ltd, software selling
  • Eironets Ltd, Web design
  • Formula 1
  • F.K.Ventspils ultras, Fan club of football club
  • InfoServs, computers
  • Information System Management Institute
  • Jaunatnes informācijas un mobilitātes centrs
  • Real Estate Database
  • www.kids.lv, for parents
  • Kulturkapitala fonds
  • Kolonna, JSC, ironware
  • Kora Ltd., sale and production of food products
  • Latsat, Ltd, satellite TV, cable networks
  • Lauku Avīze, newspaper
  • Links 2000Ltd, Web design
  • Art Academy of Latvia
  • Institute of Biology, University of Latvia
  • Madona Regional Environmental Board
  • Mikrolink Datori Ltd, computer manufacturing
  • Mono, spirits
  • Pick your name, registration of domain names and e-mail addresses
  • Narcomania
  • Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Riga Technical University
  • The Occupation Museum of Latvia
  • PERC.LV, online bidding
  • PRIME Recruitment, personnel recruitment
  • Latvian Birding
  • Relaks Ture, travel agency
  • Riga Guide (1999)
  • International Exhibition Centre
  • Saldus Interneta Centrs, ISP in Saldus
  • Elis-s Ltd, scales
  • Tarantuls Ltd, computer services in Cesis
  • Tempo, kinoloģiskais klubs
  • Trinets, surveyor stuff
  • Biroja Servisa Grupa, information about Tukums district and Kurzeme links
  • Vide un tehnologija, ISP
  • WAPNews, Internet via mobile phone
  • Know Your Rights


    New links to the Latvian FTP servers:

  • VeSS
  • Mikrolink Datori
  • Datoru Serviss


    New links to the Latvian WWW servers:

  • Inventions and Inventors of Latvia
  • Valsts Zemes dienesta Latgales reģionālā nodaļa
  • Alpa Centrs, SIA, forwarding company
  • Alta Computers
  • Amoko Financial Group Limited
  • Andre, maritime agency in Liepaja
  • AntiViral Web Site
  • Adresu reģistrs, State Land Service
  • Bauska Regional Tourism Information Centre
  • Climbing
  • DELFI Internet store
  • Datorgrafika, firm, computer design
  • Dienas bizness, newspaper
  • Diena Repro, printed matter
  • State Land Service, Dienvidkurzeme Regional Department
  • Druva Secondary school
  • e-Veikals
  • Energy Regulation Council
  • www.eveikals.lv, office equipment
  • ETA Centrs, mobile phones in Liepaja
  • Experiment, educational centre
  • Expoo, exhibition company
  • Forte Riga, international music industry forum, Riga, June 2-4, 2000
  • Freaks Promotion, dance music parties
  • Frozen
  • Hercs, flowers and ceramic products
  • Hill and Knowlton Latvia, firm, public relations
  • ibanka, internet bank
  • inf
  • itirgus.lv - Internet store
  • Jānis Roze, SIA, book selling
  • Jet Computer, firm, computers, sale
  • Jurmala Information Page
  • Ministry of Culture
  • PC ABC NetWork, office equipment and ISP in Kuldiga
  • LatRosTrans Ltd, transportation of oil products
  • Kolumbs juniors, travel agency
  • Latvian Shipping Company
  • Ministry of Economy
  • Lielvārde
  • Liepāja
  • Library Information Network Consortium
  • Latvian Intelligent Systems, computers
  • Latvian Equestrian Federation
  • Latvian National Metrology Centre
  • Training Centre of Latvian Self-governments
  • TV Panorāma
  • Ministry of Defence, Republic of Latvia
  • musicshop.lv
  • Natalija Draudzina High School
  • Noass, exhibitions
  • Norge Computer Systems Ltd, computers
  • Naturalization Department
  • Oiltra JSC, marine fuels and oil trading
  • Latvia Oncology Center
  • Patentu tehniskā bibliotēka
  • Platforma Records Internet store
  • Local Govenment Management, Republic of Latvia
  • Riga International Airport
  • Rozalinde, watches and clocks
  • Riga State Technical School
  • Skonto, football club
  • Social Assistance Foundation, Ministry of Welfare, Republic of Latvia
  • SDT & IT, ISP in Salaspils
  • Terras Media Repro, printing house services
  • Tilde Online TV
  • Underground
  • Environment Protection Club
  • Van der Wal Int. Transport B.V. Latvia Ltd, transport and expedition
  • Welcome to Ventspils
  • Vinnijs, NDG pupil server
  • State Land Service, Republic of Latvia
  • WWF Latvija, World Wide Fund for Nature
  • Zaļā Bibliotēka, organization for nature protection
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Latvia
  • Zolitude Network


    Online Latvian music newspaper Kiegelis is fully updated again.


    Now we have mirror site of the TUCOWS Linux. Other TUCOWS Network sections probably will not be mirrored.


    Now we have mirror site of the TUCOWS Network - best resource for Internet related software incl. multimedia, security, html e.t.c. tools. We have local archives of Windows sections of these archives.

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