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Chapter 9:
Your electronic daily news

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Read, see or listen to national and global news before they are announced by the traditional media. Get those interesting background facts. Get special interest news stories that seldom appear in traditional print. Sure, you read newspapers, watch TV, and listen to radio, but did you know how limited their stories are? Are you content with the same old fires and murders, terrible things that happen day in and day out?
Traditional news media just give you a small part of the news. Their editors are not concerned about YOUR particular interests. They serve a large group of readers, viewers or listeners with different interests in mind.
Go online and discover the difference. Online news has an enormous width and depth. Besides "popular" news, you will find stories that few editors bother to print. This may give you better insight in current developments, and in as much details as you can take.
Balance your news intake between traditional and digital offerings, letting one complement the other. Get your news in whatever format and time frame that suit your needs. Decide what stories are important based on your own interest, and enjoy the feeling of freedom, diversity, and power.
Most commercial online services offer news, and free news is exploding on the Internet. Most stories come from large news agencies and newspapers. Often, you can read and search articles from magazines, newsletters and other special publications.
Although not as convenient to carry as a real newspaper or as easy to watch as the 6 o'clock news, online news is a valuable resource for those whose jobs depend on up-to-date information. The ability to search today and yesterday's news makes it particularly useful.
You can even take it one step further: Access raw news feeds from major world wire services, automatic article-clipping folders, Internet mailing lists, and paperless electronic newsletters. Interact with the digital media as broadcast and print outlets bring their stories, staffers, and the occasional name-in-the-news into the realm of the modem.
The cost of reading a given news item varies by online service. An article that sets you back three cents on one service, may cost two dollars to read on another, or be free on the Internet.
Note: Expect it to be many times more expensive (or cheap) to read the same article from the same news provider on another online service. So, compare prices.

Local news

In Norway, we can read local language news from print media like Dagens Naeringsliv, Aftenposten, Kapital, and news wires from NTB and other local sources. Local language news is available online in most countries.
Reading local news on national online services used to be more expensive than on major global online services. As competition among global news providers escalates, this is changing. In addition, many newspapers now offers articles for free on the World Wide Web. Here are some examples:
The Daily Record and Sunday Mail, a Scottish tabloid newspaper based in Glasgow, offers News, Sport, Features, a Magazine section, Tourism information, Historical Information, Telephone Dating, Competitions, Cartoons, Crossword, Agony Aunt, Picture Gallery and much more.
Aftonbladet (Sweden) is at, and Dagbladet (Norway) at For a country by country listing of online newspapers throughout the World, check

International news

My favorite provider of free daily international news top stories is Integrated Newswire's World News section. This is a selection of headlines dated December 17, 1996:

Boeing merger creates airline superpower Johannesburg Star
Zimbabwe earmarks farms for seizure Johannesburg Star
Annan to press U.S. on U.N. debt MSNBC World
Mother Teresa suffers erratic heartbeat MSNBC World
Unions, Courts Deliver Blows to Milosevic Reuters World
Several Said Hurt in Attack on Saddam's Son Reuters World
Rwandan refugee tide swells CNN World News
Amid tensions, Arafat telephones Netanyahu CNN World News

Their offerings also include Information Technology News, Science & Technology News, and Business News.
At Infoseek's News Center, you can search for specific names, phrases or words in the past 30 days of news stories from Reuters, Business Wire and PR Newswire. In addition, you can search current headline news as published by Chicago Tribune, CNN, Los Angeles Time, MSNBC, and The New York Times. Click to access the full texts.
You can "Personalize" your news, and have Infoseek deliver only the news that interests you every time you return to the site. Also, you can have news headlines sent you by email.
Once per week, my communications system sends off a message to the WWW by email service at (ref. Chapter 12). The message contains the command


After a while, a list of files in the Global Interactive News Briefs Archive arrives in my mailbox. Each brief contains a digest of articles about the Internet printed in media around the world. I return the URL of the most recent news brief to the Agora server to receive the full report.
Some time ago, a well-known Norwegian industrialist visited my office. I showed off online searching in Brainwave for NewsNet newsletters, and stumbled over a story about his company.

"Incredible!" he said. "We have not even announced this to our Norwegian employees yet."

Sometimes, American online services give news from other countries earlier than you can get it on online services from within these countries. Besides, you may prefer stories in English.
Most Norwegians prefer to read news in Norwegian. The Japanese want it in their language, and the French in French. If they can get the news earlier than their competitors, however, most are willing to read English.
Few master many languages. Unless you live in a country where they talk Arabic, Chinese or French, chances are that you cannot read news in these languages. English, however, is a popular second choice in many countries, and it has become the unofficial Esperanto language of the online world.
Reading news translated from another language has its risks. Translators often make mistakes. One common reason is time pressure, another inadequate knowledge of the source language. Their cultural background may prevent them from writing an unbiased shorter version of the source text.
The risk of inaccuracies increases when a story, for example initially translated from Spanish into English, are being translated into a third language.
Avoid news that has been translated more than once, or risk the following type of experience:

On September 19, 1991, Norwegian TV brought news from Moscow. They told that Russian president Boris Yeltsin had a heart attack.
The online report from Associated Press, which arrived 7.5 hours earlier, talked about "a minor heart attack" with the following additional explanation: "In Russian, the phrase 'heart attack' has a broader meaning than in English. It is commonly used to refer to a range of ailments from chest pains to actual heart failure."

Still, expect your "personal online daily newspaper" capable of giving you the news faster and more correctly than traditional print media. Some news is only available in electronic form.

Seven minutes way back in 1991

On September 19, I called CompuServe to read news and gather information about online news sources.
According to my log, I connected through Infonet in Oslo (see Chapter 13). The total cost for seven minutes was US$6.00, which included the cost of a long distance call to Oslo. (Today, using CompuServe's Standard Pricing Plan, the cost is much less!)
I read some stories, while they scrolled over the screen. All was captured to a file on my hard disk for later study. The size of this file grew to 32.000 characters, or almost 15 single-spaced typewritten pages (A-4 size). If I had spent less time reviewing the lists of available stories, seven minutes would have given a larger file.
Right after having logged on, a menu of stories appeared on my screen. The headline read "News from CompuServe."
The two first items caught my attention, and I requested the text. One had 20 lines about an easier method of finding files in the forum libraries, the other ten lines about writing addresses for international fax messages.
The command GO APV gave me Associated Press News Wires. You will find many similar short-cut tricks in the online services' user manuals. This command produced the following menu:

    AP Online                  APV-1 
     1 Latest News-Updated Hourly 
     2 Weather 
     3 Sports 
     4 National 
     5 Washington 
     6 World 
     7 Political 
     8 Entertainment 
     9 Business News 
    10 Wall Street 
    11 Dow Jones Average 
    12 Feature News 
    13 Today in History

I entered "9" for business news, and got this list of stories:

    AP Online 
    1 Women, Minority Businesses Lag 
    2 Child World Accuses Toys R Us 
    3 UPI May Cancel Worker Benefits 
    4 Drilling Plan Worries Florida 
    5 UK Stocks Dip, Tokyo's Higher 
    6 Dollar Higher, Gold Up 
    7 Farm Exports Seen Declining 
    8 Supermarket Coupons Big Bucks 
    9 Cattlemen Tout Supply, Prices 
    0 Tokyo Stocks, Dollar Higher 
    MORE !

The screen stopped scrolling by "MORE !" Pressing ENTER gave a new list. None of them were of any interest.

Pressing M (for previous menu) returned me to the "APV-1" menu. On CompuServe, such videotext page numbers are given in the upper right corner of each menu display. I selected "World" for global news, which gave:

    AP Online 
    6 Two Killed In Nagorno Karabakh 
    7 Yugoslavia Fighting Rages On 
    8 Storm Kills Five In Japan 
    9 Afghan Rebels Going To Moscow? 
    0 19 Killed in Guatemala Quakes 
    MORE !8

Oh, a storm in Japan! Interesting. I was due to leave for Japan soon, and entered 8 at the MORE ! prompt to read. My screen was filled with text in a few seconds.

"This is for later study," I thought, pressed M to return to the menu, and then ENTER to get the next listing:

    AP Online 
    1 Bomblets Kill American Troops? 
    2 No Movement On Hostage Release 
    3 Baker Plans Return To Syria 
    4 Baker, King Hussein To Confer 
    5 Madame Chiang Leaving Taiwan? 
    6 Baker Leaves Syria for Jordan 
    7 Klaus Barbie Hospitalized 
    8 Iraq Denounces U.S. Threat 
    9 Yelstin Said Resting At Home 
    0 SS Auschwitz Guard Found Dead 
    MORE !

Here, I used another trick gleaned from the user manual. Entering "5,6,9" gave me three articles in one batch with no pauses between them. Five screens filled with text. If I had read the menu more carefully, I might also have selected story 0. It looked like an interesting item.

"This is enough the Associated Press," I thought, and typed G NEWS for an overview of all available news sources ("G NEWS" is an abbreviation for "GO NEWS," or "GO to the main NEWS menu"):

    News/Weather/Sports         NEWS 
     1 Executive News Service ($) 
     2 NewsGrid 
     3 Associated Press Online 
     4 Weather 
     5 Sports 
     6 The Business Wire 
     7 Newspaper Library 
     8 UK News/Sports 
     9 Entertainment News/Info 
    10 Online Today Daily Edition 
    11 Soviet Crisis

First, a quick glance at 6, which presented itself in these words: "Throughout the day The Business Wire makes available press releases, news stories, and other information from the world of business. Information on hundreds of different companies is sent daily to The Business Wire's subscribers."

Then choice 7: "This database contains selected full-text stories from 48 newspapers from across the United States. Classified ads are NOT included in the full-text of each paper."

Their list of newspapers included Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle. The latter is known for its many inside stories from Silicon Valley.

Choice 8 gave news from England. There, I selected UK News Clips, and received the following menu of news reports:

  U.K. News Clips 
   93 stories selected 
   9 RTw  09/19 0630  FINANCE RATES 

The numbers in column four signify the release times of the stories. The articles are fed continuously from the news wires.
Next stop was the UK Newspaper Library. Here, you can search in full-text stories from The Daily and Sunday Telegraph, Financial Times, The Guardian, UK News. The latter offers selected articles from The Daily & Sunday Telegraph, Financial Times, The Guardian, Today, The Independent, Lloyd's List, The Observer, and The Times/Sunday Times.
In 1991, the rate for searching the UK Newspaper Library was US$6.00 for up to ten hits. For another US$6.00, I could get a menu with an additional ten stories. The rate was US$6.00 to read the full text of selected stories. These rates were added to CompuServe's normal access rates.

For more about "clipping" of news, check out Chapter 11. This Chapter is also contains pointers to business related news.

The news service "Soviet Crisis" was my final destination. It was just a few weeks after the attempted coup in Moscow, and I was eager for reports.

OTC NewsAlert had the following interesting story:


The selection gave three screens with information about a new online service. Briefly, this is what it said:

"The SovData DiaLine service includes an on-line library of more than 250 Soviet newspapers, business and economic periodicals, profiles of more than 2,500 Soviet firms and key executives that do business with the West, legislative reports and other information."

It also said that part of the database was available through LEXIS-NEXIS, and soon through Data-Star, FT Profile (, Reuters, Westlaw, and GBI. Undoubtedly, the name has changed by now.

Finally, a fresh story about the fate of the KGB. I read another fifty lines, entered OFF (for "goodbye CompuServe"), and received the following verdict:

    Thank you for using CompuServe! 
    Off at 09:03 EDT 19-Sep-91 
    Connect time = 0:07

Seven minutes. Fifteen typed pages of text. US$6.00. Not bad!

An overwhelming choice

I assume that your "daily online newspaper" will contain other stories. But where do you start?
On the Internet, consider Clarinet, an electronic publishing network service providing commercial news and information. It provides general, international, sports, technology, entertainment and professional financial news, special features and columns. provides commercial news . With more than 25,000 pages refreshed daily, over 1,500 topic areas broken down into 240 categories within more than 20 industries, it covers a lot of ground. They claim receipt of up to 20,000 news stories each day from over 700 English language sources - newspapers, magazines, trade weeklies, newsletters, news, and press release wires. (October 1996)
You can read preselected news by topic area, or have your own "individualized" issue - based on your own keywords - sent you by e-mail every business morning.'s sources include the following international titles: Newsbytes, Advertising Age International, Euromarketing, Inter Press Service, ITAR/TASS, Lloyd's List, Korea Economic Daily, Kyodo News International, Network World, Nikkei English News, OPEC News Agency, Reuter Business Report, Reuter E.C. Report, Reuter European Business Report, Reuters Asia Pacific Business Report, Traffic World, Xinhua News Agency, Agence France Presse, Asian Aviation News, BioWorld Today, BioWorld Weekly, Business China, Business Eastern Europe, Business Europe, Business Latin America, European Media Business & Finance, International Banking Regulator, International Petroleum Finance, Japan Chemical Week, PHARMA Japan, Reuter Corporate World News, Reuter Energy Report, Reuter Money News Service, Reuter Transcript Report, Reuter World News Service, World Airline News, World Airport Week, World Gas Intelligence.
Reading article abstracts is free. By paying a symbolic subscription fee, you get access to the full texts.
For general news, start with major newswires, like Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, Xinhua, Reuters, and the like.
Check links to broadcasting sources of news in many languages at Choices include BBS, Channel 4 (United Kingdom), Deutsche Welle (Germany), Teletekst from NOS (Holland), Scandinavian broadcasters, Community Broadcasting Association of Australia, CBS, Radio Japan, the Internet Multicasting Service, US-based radio stations, CPB and NPR (USA), Radio Canada, Radio France, Radio and TV schedules from Finland, and more.
Inter Press Service (IPS) has a World News Index with news in English, Dutch/Flemish, Finnish, German, Kiswahili, Norwegian, Spanish,and Swedish.

Voice and video, please!

The Current Awareness Resources using Internet Audio and Video page links to audio/video services that can be used in monitoring current events. It focuses on English language news/public affairs services. Most links will take you to within one click of the desired service. In other situations the audio will begin after clicking on the link. To use these links, you'll need RealPlayer from RealNetworks and Microsoft Media Player.
Sites offering voice and video news through the net include:

  • (France). Example: "Tin Tuc TV": Franco-Vietnamese bilingual Internet TV channel dedicated to cross-cultural issues (philosophical, ethnic and social): reflexion, tolerance, satire. Every fortnight on
  • BBC (England) online radio broadcasts. Example: Broadcasts in Central Asian languages, like Uzbek, Kazakh , Azeri, and Russian.

Here are some other interesting choices: The Online radio stations worldwide; has a database of program listings for hundreds of public radio stations around the world; Current Awareness Resources via Streaming Audio & Video.

Searching the news

The News Index news only search engine indexes current articles from hundreds of sources from around the world. It is not an archive, but a resource for finding more information on current topics you are interested in. The news is broken up into various topics such as business, politics, sci-tech, and opinion. Use it to read different versions of a story, and hopefully derive some semblance of what actually occurred. Use it to find multiple sources if your first choice want to charge you for reading it.
By following a large number of papers, you can follow ongoing stories as they happen. Use it to monitor what goes on within a topic of interest. Search for a topic by submitting keywords. Hits containing all keywords are listed first. Click on the link to get an article's text.
These search engines also focus on today's news (English language sources only):

For more, check NewsCenter's list. Panda Newsfinder also includes historical archives.
In Financial Times' Global Archive, you can search and read over 6 million articles from 3,000 periodicals worldwide (March 2000), most of them for free. Keyword searches may be modified in a number of ways, and you can select to search one, several, or all of the indexed publication groups. Registered users may save searches for later reference. A powerful tool for anyone searching for current business-related news and writing.
NewsTrawler is a meta search engine that lets you search hundreds of news archives on the web in parallel. The collection includes news, magazine and journal sources from a broad range of countries.

Note: While the search for information itself is free, a number of news resources provide free summaries but charge for the full retrieval of information.

OCLC FirstSearch lets you search the Fact on File World News Digest, a full-text coverage of world politics, international affairs, the environment, science, medicine and health, economics and business, crime, education and social issues. Articles are drawn from over 100 global news sources. The 70,000-record database contains the complete full text of Facts On File since 1980 (1998).

Computer, Communication, Internet News

For free daily news about the Web, NewsLinx - Daily Web News - is a favorite. The page for May 3, 1996, simply started like this:

  • Full Speed Ahead For The Internet (c|net)
  • Can't Sell Famous Web Names" (Boston Globe)
  • Gates Says Don't Worry About Web Jambs (News Tribune)
  • Pointcast Network Hot (Chicago Tribune)
  • Create Web Pages With "Liquid Motion" (Web Review)
  • Web Connects Siblings (Boston Globe)
  • Job Searching On The Web Becoming Standard (Detroit News)
  • Germany Plans Minor Net Regs (Reuters)
  • Computer Checkup Via Web (Interactive Age)
  • Strange Unibomber Site (Web Review)

Click on a title to get the full text.
NewsLinx features links to stories culled from the mainstream press, with an update posted each business day. Although there are many business or technology listings on the Web, this service provides links to the best stories, a simple one page interface, and focus exclusively on the Web.
C|Net's NEWS.COM is another fine source for this kind of news, as is The New York Times' Computer News Daily section. NEWS.COM is divided into several sections, and focuses on products and services being developed for the Internet, stories on hardware and systems, Intranets, and technology business news. A free electronic newsletter is also available. offers commercial news within these categories

Computer Hardware & Peripherals Computer Hardware & Peripherals
Computer Software Computer Software
Computer Professional Services Computer Professional Services
Data Communications Data Communications
Interactive Media & Multimedia Interactive Media & Multimedia
Semiconductors Semiconductors

If you are into computers, you owe it to yourself to check out Newsbytes. This service offers global headline news from bureaus around the world. The stories are sorted in sections with names like IBM, UNIX, Government, Telecom, Trends, Business, Apple, Personal Computers, DOS, Windows, Pen, Networks, General, Education, Health, Online, Broadcast, Legal, Personal Digital Assistant, Chips, Super Computers. A favorite!
The IM Europe Newsdesk provides links to news originating within the EU on information markets, multimedia, the information society, and information and communication technologies. The site can be accessed in English, French, and German.

News is more than news

After some time, your definition of the notion "news" may change. Since so many conferences are also interesting sources, they should also be a part of your news gathering strategy. Check in regularly to read what members say about what they have seen, done, heard, or discovered.
Professional news reporters have also discovered this. Online conferences are popular hunting grounds for writers of the traditional press.
Many CompuServe forums have news sections. If you are into Hot News and Rumors about Amiga Computers, read messages in section 3 of the Amiga Tech Forum.
Consumer Electronics Forum has the section "New Products/News." The Journalist Forum has "Fast Breaking News!" The Motor Sports Forum has "Racing News/Notes." The Online Today Forum has "In the News."
Below, we have therefore combined the traditional news providers with conferences to provide some interesting sources sorted by part of the world:

Links to news spanning the globe

Editor & Publisher Interactive collects data on just about every online newspaper in the world. As of December 4, 2000, their database had 4,780 online newspaper entries. Click on newspapers. List papers by continent by clicking on an Interactive World Map. Search to locate individual online publications or list papers by country. It also lists magazines (4,045), radio stations (1,928), syndicated news services (235), television sites (1,323), and more.
Kidon Media-Link (The Netherlands) is another worldwide index of online news sites. allows users to select a country and city via pull-down menus and then the newspaper's homepage in a new window.
HomeTown Free-Press offers over 1,500 links to free local news and information sites in Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Eastern and Western Europe, Middle East, North, South and Central America, West Indies (December 1999). Sites include newspapers, radio and television stations, schools, civic and civil organizations. NewsCenter is another fine resource.
WRAL-TV5 delivers free international news via continuous feeds from Reuters, Associated Press and The Sports Network.
United Nations Daily Highlights:
BBC Worldwide Monitoring's news reports draw upon radio, television and news agency reports from over 3000 sources in over 140 countries, to provide fast, reliable coverage of political and economic news. When each report comes in, it is translated into English, but without editorial comment or analysis. Includes a transcript service, and an alerting service, providing summaries of monitored reports as stories unfold.
Finally, check CRAYON for the free "CReAting Your Own Newspaper" service. Mark off your selected batch of information sources, and have a customized newspaper delivered to you. There's a worldwide daily news index at .
Ah! And click here if you just want the weather.


Africa News Online offers news from over 50 different sources, including 34 top African news organizations. The site is managed by Africa News Service, a non-profit agency. Dispatches from the Panafrican News Agency are also available. You'll find a wide range of country and topic-specific news, including stories relating to arts and entertainment, science and health, business and finance, and sports. An archive of past stories is searchable.
PeaceNet's World News Service offers several digests on Africa, covering different regions of the continent, with coverage from the Inter Press Service (IPS):

Africa - General Overview of the Entire Continent
Southern Africa - Kalahari, Cape and Islands
West Africa - Niger Basin
West Central Africa - Congo-Logone
North Africa - Maghreb and Niles
Eastern Africa News - Rift Valley and Red Sea

IPS' writers are all local people covering the areas in which they live, and their articles appear three days after copyright. Other sources include the Pacific News Service, the United Nation Information Centre, Third World Network Features, PeaceNet and EcoNet.
Financial Times' News by E-Mail delivers selected stories each weekday. After free registration, subscribers can select the topics that interest them, from industry-specific news (autos, chemicals, transport, etc.) to various summaries (US news, world news and comment, etc.). Available in HTML or text form, the email news stories are linked to research, online discussions, and other resources. Users can add or drop topics at any time.
The Weekly Mail & Guardian (Johannesburg, South Africa) also offers news by email. Their searchable news archive goes back to July 1994.
ZAMNET provides links to the Africa Information Afrique News Archive. The archive contains articles from Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Malawi, Namibia, SADC, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe published over several years.
Visit for links to specialized news sources on Somalia.


China Daily On the Web delivers English language news from China under the headings Top News; Home News; China Business; World Business; Money; Opinion; Sport; Feature; World News.
China News Digest (CND) is a voluntary non-profit organization aiming at providing news and other information services about China-related affairs. All CND services are free of charge.
CND's English language publications include CND-Global (three issues per week), CND-US (one issue per week), CND-Canada (one issue per week), CND- Europe/Pacific (one issue per week), CND-China (two issues per month).
China News Service & Agency offers daily business news from China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan to subscribers. The Ta Kung Pao Chinese Daily has daily coverage of news about China and Hong Kong in Chinese . Requires Big5 or GuoBiao software to read.
Usenet's talk.politics.china is for Discussion of political issues related to China.


Japan Press Network provides the latest news covering Japan's high-tech industries as well as finance, economics and the Japanese press. Nikkei (on FP Profile) has an English language service with news articles from Nikkei and other Japanese newspapers.
The Japanese Journals Information Web offers Current Awareness using access to tables of contents of current Japanese journals and magazines. In addition, it has The Union List of Japanese Serials and Newspapers (ULJSN) currently includes information on 4,844 titles held by twenty libraries or accessible over the web (1999).

To read many of the tables of contents, where these are not presented as graphics files, you must have a computer that can display Japanese text. The union list includes romanized information.

Middle East

The Middle East News Network publishes daily news, analysis and comments from 19 countries in the Middle East produced by Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish and Persian press. You can read these news through Reuters, Down Jones News/Retrieval, and Information Access.
Arabnet brings up to the minute Arabic news in Arabic characters. For uncensored (by the Israeli) Palestinian news, check the Birzeit University site.

Other countries in Asia and the Pacific

For interesting links to sources of political, social and economic news about mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Tibet, check .
Asia Times Online is a daily publication covering the Asia-Pacific region with an emphasis on politics, economics and business. Covers China, Southeast Asia, Japan, Koreas, India/Pakistan, Central Asia/Russia, Oceania. AsiaNow has stories from Asiaweek, Time Asian Edition, those broadcasted by CNN International to Asia, and its own columnists on Asian politics, Asian Business and Technology. It also has live news feed from global news agencies like AP and Reuters, video and audio.
EurasiaNet provides daily news and analysis on Central Asia and the Caucasus, and developments in Russia, the Middle East, and Southwest Asia that bear on this region. Users can sign up to receive a weekly bulletin by email.
PeaceNet's World News Service has a Southeast Asia digest. It includes coverage from the Inter Press Service (IPS) on Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Cambodia, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, The People's Republic of China, Malaysia and the region as a whole.
The Star, Malaysia's leading English-language daily newspaper, brings its news at Singapore's Straits Times is at Thailand News Web Directory has links to newspaper, TV, radio, magazine and Thai goverment's reports.
Mailing lists:

The Pakistan News Service is at, and IndoNews delivers "Indonesian Daily News Online - Berita dari Indonesia." IraqNet - a multilingual virtual community for Iraqis everywhere - offers headline news on Iraq.
Usenet has

soc.culture.bangladesh Issues & discussion about Bangladesh. News from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, etc.
alt.culture.indonesia Indonesian culture, news, etc.

The Hindu, a national Indian newspaper, is experimenting with an online edition. IndoLink is an interesting source of Indian news, information, articles. Economic and Political Weekly (EPW), India, is a social science journal featuring research articles in economics, sociology, political science and other disciplines.
Bangla2000 lets you subscribe to receive daily news by email about Bangladesh. In English and Bangla.
The Tibet Information Network is an independent news and research service providing information and analysis of current events in Tibet.

Central and South America

PeaceNet's World News Service has a Latin America and the Caribbean digest with coverage from IPS. The America Latina digest is the Spanish language equivalent. The digests feature regular news from sources like La Agencia Latinoamericana de Informacio'n (ALAI), Third World Network's Revista del Sur, and Tercer Mundo Económico.
News from Cuba, Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa is available daily from Radio Havana, Cuba. El Tiempo (Colombia) is at There's another source of news as seen from a Cuban perspective at In Spanish, German, French, and English.
The Latino News Network provides multimedia news to those interested in learning about Latinos both as a market and as a community.


Start by visiting Editor & Publisher for European daily news and weather. Here are links to Radio Amsterdam, Deutsche Welle, Der Spiegel, L'Unione Sarda (Italy), RTI (Ireland), Baltic News Service, The Vogon News Service (target is British ex-patriots) and The Electronic Telegraph in United Kingdom, Bulgarian news, Croatian Radio News, Danske nyheder (Denmark), Gazeta Wyborcza on-line (Poland), and much more. You can search the Guardian OnLine Archives in England, and the Economist is at
For a peek at El Periódico de Catalunya (Spain), point your browser at
The Austrian "Wiener Zeitung" claims to be the oldest existing daily newspaper in the world (neary 300 years old). Its Web page covers domestic and world news in German, general information about Austria's government, the house of parliament, the president, articles from the weekly computer page, and the Friday supplement, reviews of books, records and cultural events, a chess page, and more. The DE-NEWS mailing list is about "what's going on in Germany - a summary of daily news from Germany (in English)." (Try GERMNEWS for the German language equivalent).
For more English language daily news covering the Baltic countries, check Editor & Publisher.
The Dutch language Internet newspaper InterNetKrant brings news from the Netherlands. You may also want to try the News, Magazines & Information Servers page.
Der Spiegel (Germany) is at:
The HELLENIC NEWS database is at For a page with Greek newspapers, try
Mailing lists:

  • The ALBANIAN list - for discussion of various issues related to Albania, Kosova, and the Albanian population in the Balkans (FYR of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Greece), as well as Albanian communities world-wide.
  • MAKNWS-L - Macedonian News

Dow Jones Interactive offers full text from Wall Street Journal Europe, Agence France-Presse, the Paris-based International Herald Tribune, the Guardian, and others from the United Kingdom.
The Vatican Radio is at, and Radio Vaticana Kurznachrichten (in German) at More links to international broadcasters:
If you know French, check the Francopholistes l'annuaire des listes de diffusion francophones page.

North America

There's an abundance of online news sources covering North America. We are therefor just including a few pointers here, like

The Wall Street Journal (English) (Spanish)
The Washington Post
USA Today
Los Angeles Times

Newslink offers links to many U.S. newspapers, broadcast networks and affiliates, magazines and publishers, and sites of special journalistic interest on the World Wide Web.
Check out Editor & Publisher for more.

Russia and neighbors

Press Rover offers free full text search of an archive of Russian newspapers and periodicals. Your search may be limited to the following areas: Government & Society, Business & Economy, Culture & Arts, and Family & Entertainment. Payment is required for document retrieval only.
There's a Russian News Links page with links to Federal News Service, Izvestia, ITAR- TASS, InterFax/Maximov, Nezavisimaya gazeta, Pravda-5, and an extensive list of other Russian newspapers and magazines on the Internet, including audio radio resources. It also have good coverage of other NIS countries, including Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Kirghizistan, Azerbaijan, The Baltics.
PeaceNet's World News Service offers an Eastern Europe (including Russia and the CIS) digest with coverage from the Inter Press Service (IPS).
The Jamestown Foundation publishes The Monitor, a daily digest of news reports from Russia and other former Soviet republics.
A daily news summary of events in Southeastern and Eastern Europe, the Caucusus and the Trans-Caucusus is available from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. In addition to news briefs, RFE/RL offers features, analysis, special reports, and press reviews. Countries covered include Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kirgistan, Latvia, Lithuania, North Caucasus and Transcaucasia, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, South Slavic, Tajikistan, Tatar-Bashkir, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.
An English-language version of the St. Petersburg Press weekly is at This Web page also offers Severo-Zapad, a daily news source for information about northwest Russia. Among the many others, are also English language Moscow Times.
GlasNews is a quarterly publication on East-West contacts in all aspects of communications - including journalism, telecommunications, photography, opinion research, advertising and public relations.
For a fee, East View Publications offers searchable databases of articles from the daily Russian newspapers Nezavisimaya Gazeta and Sevodnya.
Usenet has:

alt.current-events.bosnia The strife of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
soc.culture.bosna-herzgvna News of Macedonia in the Balkan Region.
alt.current-events.ukraine Current and fast paced Ukrainian events.

English-language news from Croatia is at
BosNet distributes information relevant to the events in/about Republic of Bosnia-Hercegovina. Daily posting typically consists of newsbriefs compiled from reports by UPI, RFE/RL, NYT, Reuter, as well as other sources, such as: LA, SF, Chicago dailies; WP, WSJ, The Economist, White House, New Republic, Boston Globe, various Ministry Reports, FPB, etc.

Special interest news

Freedom Press is the world's oldest anarchist publishing group (founded in 1886). Their FPI mailing list sends extracts from their publications with an emphasis on news.
MagPortal lets stay abreast of recent free magazine articles available online. Updated each business day, the site organizes the articles in categories like Business, Internet, Family and Home, Sports, Health, and Science and Technology, and others. A keyword search engine is provided.
The Newseum is definitely special interest. It is an interactive museum of News. Online exhibits include News Stories of the Century, the Berlin Wall and the Media and the Space Race

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