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Hi! I'm Janis Judrups, alias Jupis. I like basketball, bianco and dancing.

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Humor page
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If you like jokes, giggling and humor, you can visit my Humor page.
WARNING: Some jokes may be offensive or contain rude words. If you are easily offended don't read it! There woudn't be other warnings.

First time in my page! Jokes an anecdotes in terrible latvian. Enjoy collection from KOKTEILIS!

Basketball gallery
I'm a basketball fan. Here I'm collected some images.
If you have sporthall, but havn't some players plaese e-mail me. I'd like enjoy this game with you.

Ritenitis Home Page
I dance in folk dance ansemble "Ritenitis" for two years. I think it is right time make a web page for it.

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Janis Judrups