Statistics for Main WWW Servers at LANET

  • May Extensive(5K)
  • Jun Extensive(39K) Summary(5K)
  • Jul Extensive(71K) Summary(5K)
  • Aug Extensive(104K) Summary(5K)
  • Sep Extensive(115K) Summary(5K)
  • Oct Extensive(193K) Summary(5K)
  • Nov Extensive(229K) Summary(7K)
  • Dec Extensive(237K) Summary(7K)


  • Jan Extensive(291K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(51K)
  • Feb Extensive(346K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(80K)
  • Mar Extensive(424K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(152K)
  • Apr Extensive(660K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(524K) statistics(80K)
  • May Extensive(712K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(378K) statistics(137K)
  • Jun Extensive(610K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(512K) statistics(150K)
  • Jul Extensive(508K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(626K) statistics(126K)
  • Aug Extensive(483K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(415K) statistics(129K)
  • Sep Extensive(715K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(427K) statistics(149K) statistics(45K)
  • Oct Extensive(800K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(913K) statistics(216K) statistics(65K)
  • Nov Extensive(221K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(175K) statistics(211K) statistics(71K)
  • Dec Extensive(207K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(143K) statistics(204K) statistics(87K)


  • Jan Extensive(210K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(160K) statistics(242K) statistics(148K)
  • Feb Extensive(163K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(58K) statistics(203K) statistics(94K)
  • Mar Extensive(173K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(120K) statistics(241K) statistics(216K)
  • Apr Extensive(154K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(76K) statistics(258K) statistics(285K)
  • May Extensive(148K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(150K) statistics(238K) statistics(264K)
  • Jun Extensive(154K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(151K) statistics(244K) statistics(274K)
  • Jul Extensive(156K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(172K) statistics(254K) statistics(306K)
  • Aug Extensive(137K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(136K) statistics(337K)
  • Sep Extensive(168K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(117K) statistics(482K)
  • Oct Extensive(207K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(137K) statistics(368K)
  • Nov Extensive(201K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(178K) statistics(372K)
  • Dec Extensive(244K) Summary(7K) ftp statistics(111K) statistics(427K)

    I didn't count access from computers, where webmaster works from. May 26, 1995 is date when first user outside of LANET connected to our server.
    Atis Kluss:

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