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    Institutions, organizations

  • aabs - Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies
  • AIESEC (International Association of Students in Economics and Management) in Latvia
  • Coalition Clean Baltic (no more under maintainance of LANET centre)
  • Computer Science Resource Center at University of Latvia
  • Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy, University of Latvia
  • Institute of Microbiology and Virology (no more at LANET centre)
  • Korporacija Daugaviete (no more at LANET centre)
  • LANET - Latvian Academic Network
  • Latvian Folklorists (not updated)
  • Latvian Physical Society
  • Library Information Network Consortium
  • Ministry of Education and Science (no more under maintainance of LANET centre)
  • Neguss, Jūrmalas austrumu cīņas klubs
  • Skolu atbalsta centrs
  • Teichi State Nature Reserve
  • Universitates Avize
  • University of Latvia


  • Jurmala 1st Gymnasium
  • Riga Secondary School No. 84
  • Riga Jewish School
  • Riga Railwaymen School

    Personal pages


  • Charts All Over the World Internet's largest collection of links to music charts
  • Electronical music newspaper "Kiegelis" (not updated)
  • Invasion
  • Latvian Airplay charts
  • Latvian Music charts
  • Latvian music news and gigs (in Latvian)
  • Latvian Music Market Top 15 (not updated)
  • Opera music festival in Sigulda, August 1997
  • Radio NABA online
  • Skanis, mixed choir

    Links to other sites

  • Internet Search Engines: CUSI (Includes Latvian search!) and ArchiePlex
  • Latvia Related Internet Resources
  • Latvia Related News
  • Latvian Music Pages
  • Members of LANET
  • Other Internet Resources
  • Scools in Latvia

    Education and Science

  • Algorthmic Methods in Bioinformatics new!
  • Astronomy in Latvia (no more under maintainance of LANET centre)
  • E-studija, electronic newspaper
  • History of Latvia
  • Human Rights in Latvia
  • Book Internet for PC users (in Latvian)
  • Information System for Latvian Universities
  • Information System of University of Latvia
  • Information Technologies in Education '96 (not updated)
  • Matemātiskās indukcijas metode (Vispārīgās matemātikas studiju kurss) (in Latvian)
  • Matemātiskās programmas un citi materiāli Internetā skolēniem un viņu skolotājiem
  • Multiphysics in Crystal Growth
  • NATO Science for Peace project
  • Population Information Site of Latvia


  • LANET serviss
  • Exchange Rates in the Bank of Latvia
  • FTP archives
  • Latvian WWW Top 30
  • News "Latvijā" (in Latvian, not updated)
  • Persian Carpet
  • SunSITE Latvia
  • TUCOWS Network in Latvia (software for Windows and Linux)
    Atis Kluss: